Balancing Scooter

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Led Lights

X3 was designed with LED headlights. Not only do they look cool they also change colors while you're riding.



Original Samsung li-ion battery 4400MAH Battery pack include 20 Original and genuine Samsung li-ion batteries

Customized handle bar To fit your height and make you traveller easier, The handle bars used to steer are made of soft PU foam for a more comfortable ride.


Indicates the remaining battery life, when the battery is nearly is empty this icon blinks and the Scooter beeps, indicating that you need to charge your scooter when less than 30% your scooter will gradually reduce the max speed limit.
Turn On/Off the scooter will automatically power off when idle for 10 minutes or when laid down (horizontal) for over 30 seconds

10" Tires

Pneumatic 10" tires make for a smooth and safe ride over modest terrain


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